Boat decking panel

Joined solid teak slats panels

Our slatted panels are easy to install.They are made with burman teak slats which are 9mm thick, joined to each other by a black polyurethane joint, to give you waterproofness and flexibility.This way, the panels can adjust easily to the deck movements and the curved parts of the seats. On polyester cockpits, the area to cover are generally made of non-skid surface with "diamond tip", with polyester strips visible around the areas. Unjoined teak slats can be used to make a frame around the teak panel, as done in traditional decking.
In housing, and more specificaly in bathrooms, many decoration ideas are possible with these panels (floor, walls, under the sink cupboard...).

Full panels:

We provide full panels at the following sizes:
Slats width to choose: 40mm, 60mm, 90mm
Real size of teak and joints: 36/4/36, 56/4/56 ou 85/5/85.
Panels lenghts: 3m, 2m, 1.5m, 1m.

Panels shaped for your boat, ready to install:

We have many cockpit patterns for different brands and boat models. Therefore we can provide you with teak pannels for your boat, ready to install. If your boat isn't in our database, you can send us your patterns in order for us to do the panels.


We provide as well with slats alone, beside the panels:
Slats width to choose: 40mm, 60mm, 90mm
Lenght: 3m, 2m, 1.5m, 1m.

Stratified panels for inside floor

The STRATIFIL claddings are ready to use: no varnish, no maintenance. They are very resistant and non slippery.

The STRATIFIL is a plywood with one side with teak imitation (light or dark colored joints), or mahogany imitation with light colored joints, or maple imitation with dark colored joints, and the other side with white laminate for gluing (marine glue).
FORMAT: 3020 x 1200mm - 14mm thick

The POYOLIGHT STRATIFIL teak with light colored joints is available with a balsa core, which is 50% lighter than the plywood.
FORMAT: 3020 x 1200mm - 17mm thick