Mobilier salle de bain



Inspired by the fold-away table, the fold-away deckchair associates practicity and design on board. Whenever you want to relax, the deckchair opens up with a few movements thanks to its gaz spring. Two relax positions are available. At night, or when sailing, it folds down perfectly into the deck (flush-deck) for a free movement area. Therefore, it requires no storage space, an essential advantage on a boat.

Although it was designed in the first place for boats, this fold-away deckchair can fit perfectly well on terraces of houses, or around the pools for instance. We change the wood specy according to the needs: in a garden, around the pool, on a terrace, in a sauna...

Bathroom furnitures

We supply bathroom furnitures to your dimensions. Made of teak wood, it will be durable. You'll find different models on page realisations.

Table 2 heights

Made in our workshop with the same quality criterias as our cockpit tables; this table can be used in a garden or in the house for a comtemporary atmosphere. Made with a traditionnal teak gratings or with unjoined teak slats with tenons and mortise on a frame.
Burman teak of quality, without blemish.
Fold-away mechanism in marine stainless steel with two heights at 70 and 45cm
Easy to store with a total thickness of 53mm (63mm if hedges required ) once folded.

4 DIMENSIONS available:
140 x 76 cm, 125 x 70 cm, 114 x 70 cm , 100 x 60 cm."
-Barrel shape (140 x 76)
-With hedges


We do on demand modern furnitures by associating high quality wood species and materials of quality ( toughened glass, stainless steel...) in order to make durable, practical and design products.

  • Swimming pool, deck and terrace teak tiles
  • Dining table (feet in Oak / toughened glass extra-clear / stainless steel)
  • Coffee table for the lounge (teak gratings)
  • Magazines holder (painted wood / Coton or nylon threads / invisible fixation / number of magazines to hang to be chosen by the customer)